Video-projection / Mapping

From content distribution to full immersion, Videlio experts support your projects from design to implementation, adjustments and operation; for small or high-power projections for your meeting rooms, amphitheaters, museums, rooms. immersive or architectural and monument projections.

Mapping – or how to captivate attention

Digital is everywhere: and spectators’ expectations are changing! Ultra-connected and in demand all day long, they are constantly looking for emotions and authenticity in their personal and cultural experiences.

When spectators come to a cultural venue, they are looking for an immersive experience that plunges them into a real emotional whirlwind.

To deliver an unforgettable spectacle, those working in the cultural sector must continuously surprise their spectators and adapt to changes in their expectations to offer experiences that are intuitive, engaging and exceptional.

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Video-protection / Mapping offer

  • Assessment of your needs, site setup studies, modeling
  • Choice of hardware and media server systems, mapping software
  • Design of projection booths, street furniture
  • Installation, pre-configuration
  • Support for media creation with content production partners
  • Operating staff
  • Maintenance
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Architectural Projection

Mobile Architectural Projection

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