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Today we live in an ultra-connected world where the user experience is at the heart of the challenges of digital transformation. Uses are evolving and so are the expectations of their users. The environments must adapt to offer a unique digital experience: intuitive, engaging and surprising. VIDELIO’s mission is to reinvent and enhance the user experience through communication and collaboration solutions.

With unique know-how, we support companies, event creators, media players and tourism professionals at each stage of their transformation. From the consulting phase to the choice of technologies, including deployment and change management, our job is to design, integrate and operate, on site or in the Cloud, innovative and collaborative audiovisual solutions.


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Through its audiovisual, network and unified communication expertise, VIDELIO is positioning itself as a key player in the Entertainment and Corporate markets. The Group is working to imagine the uses of tomorrow and to improve the performance of its solutions while reducing the impact of its activities on the environment.


VIDELIO Corporate

let’s reinvent the experience
collaborator of tomorrow

The world is changing, ways of working and behavior are changing, new uses are emerging. On the move and always more connected, employees need to come together and share. Arranging spaces, reorganizing the different ways of working: the whole collaborative environment must be redesigned.

Companies are committed to building the world of tomorrow: a better, more ethical and more sustainable world. Limiting travel, favoring telework and equipping yourself with modern and intelligent solutions then appears to be an ideal means.

VIDELIO supports companies in the modernization of their collaboration spaces and solutions by ensuring performance of solutions and security of exchanges.


VIDELIO Entertainment

let’s sublimate the experience
user of tomorrow

Digital is everywhere and user expectations are changing: they are constantly looking for emotions and authenticity in their experiences. Offer an engaging device, facilitate interactions: the entire user journey must be redesign.

In a museum, a performance hall, a stadium or on vacation, the visitor of tomorrow seeks to be entertained through immersive and connected experiences. The user experience is today a real challenge for digital transformation.

VIDELIO supports event creators (cultural, sports and corporate), media players (TV, radio) and tourism professionals (cruise lines) to offer a unique experience to their users, through the use of immersive communication solutions and innovative technologies.


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