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Enhance your physical or remote events with cutting-edge video, sound and light systems to enhance your messages.


Digital is everywhere; spectators’ expectations are changing: they are constantly looking for emotions and authenticity in their experiences. Offer an engaging device, facilitating interactions while ensuring the health and safety of spectators: the entire spectator journey continues to evolve.

Faced with the cancellation of physical events, to ensure the protection of all, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital events were very quickly organized; thanks to systems offering a wide range of possibilities: online presentation, showroom presentation, augmented reality presentation, round table, webinars, etc.

E-events with record attendance rates! The participation rate for some events has doubled, reaching larger and more international audiences than usual. Encouraging results, which encourage event organizers to consider hybrid formats for their future events: Face-to-face events, transmission live for a second audience at a distance.

To succeed in this crazy gamble, the support of video, sound and light professionals, event experts will be essential for dealing with the technical issues: before, during and after your events.

Videlio’s event skills center supports more than 10,000 events each year across France and Europe, from design to deployment.


Remote events solution

Recording, audio, streaming: Give your events scope thanks to remote systems.

Studio rental

Benefit from a turnkey location to record or transmit your messages live.

Mobile studio

The audio, video, light quality of a recording studio wherever you want to record or transmit your messages live.

Video, sound and light equipment rental

State-of-the-art equipment available for hire for your additional requirements.

Augmented reality

Whether in one of our studios, a partner’s studio or at home, create innovative communications using virtual reality


Animate, surprise by projecting an element in life-size 3D.

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Videlio experts support you at all stages of your thoughts and projects. All the services proposed aim to facilitate and enrich the experience of the systems deployed for users.


Videlio’s dedicated skill centers guarantee you services and systems suitable for the various audiovisual problems that you may encounter in your company; with specialist contacts and professionals: coworking, audio-video integration, building management, post-production, events, media, etc.

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