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From sound reinforcement of meeting spaces, amphitheaters, through sound reinforcement of immersive spaces, stadiums, arena or security solution (PA), Videlio supports all your audio projects: microphones, speakers, sound bar, sound systems, conference, directional audio devices, atmosphere and sound immersion guided tours, etc.

The quality of sound in space depends on a good acoustic study to guarantee listening comfort; also, on its location.

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Audio / sound system offer

Videlio offers you dedicated support to benefit from systems that meet your needs.

  • Assessment of your needs, studies and eco-acoustic modeling
  • Choice of equipment and systems: sound recording, recording, security sound system, directional audio, sub, line array, sound console
  • Installation, calibration, intelligibility and top-quality restitution
  • User training
  • Maintenance
  • Delegated staff for operations


Let your users focus on the essentials,
our experts are there to manage the techniques.

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