Audiovisual integration

Audiovisual equipment – Audio-video recording

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Equip your spaces with flexible, reliable and secure professional audio-video systems.


To communicate, immerse, allow coworking or enhance the integration of audiovisual systems, all require specific know-how, going from study to deployment, in order to benefit from the best user experience.

Videlio integration experts master all audio and video technologies for different types of spaces, thanks to dedicated skill centers that deal with the specificities of each of them.

Corporate: Meeting rooms, auditorium, amphitheaters, board rooms, reception areas, showroom, Studio

Cultural: Performance halls, stadiums, arenas, exhibitions, museums, etc.

Education: Lecture halls, classrooms, tutorial rooms, etc.

Health: training rooms, operating room, meeting rooms


Dynamic display / IP TV

Equipment and video systems to ensure efficient and flexible on-site communications.

Large Format Display (LED)

Benefit from top-quality transmission surfaces, of the right size, indoors or outdoors, for your communication or supervision requirements.


From meeting room sound, through to sound immersive spaces, stadiums, arenas or security systems (PA); also, sound recording and audio conferencing, make yourself heard and hear thanks to the best systems on the market.

Automation / Interactivity / Show control

Operate all your audiovisual equipment together, to provide simple and smooth use for your users.

Video projection

From content distribution to full immersion, from small to high-power, give dimension to your pictures!


From a simple free-standing or integrated screen to the largest video walls, your pictures deserve the best definition.

Lighting / Highlighting

From enhancement to stage lighting, setting up shows or luminous scenographies, to optimization for recording, do not improvise your lighting!

Shooting / Recording

Whether for recording or live transmission, the recording quality of your pictures must be your first priority for quality communication.

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Videlio experts support you at all stages of your thoughts and projects. All the services proposed aim to facilitate and enrich the experience of the systems deployed for users.


Videlio’s dedicated skill centers guarantee you services and systems suitable for the various audiovisual problems that you may encounter in your company; with specialist contacts and professionals: coworking, audio-video integration, building management, post-production, events, media, etc.

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