Audiovisual equipment for education - Digital equipment for classrooms - Hybrid classrooms - Lecture halls

What audiovisual systems for education?

In this unprecedented context, the continuity of training and education activities are at the heart of the matter. Schools, universities, higher education, training centers, high schools are rethinking their courses. Tomorrow, content will be needed to guarantee distance education and training with the appropriate audiovisual tools to achieve this.

Create innovative learning spaces, communicate easily and synchronously (messaging, chat, video conferencing) or asynchronously (forum), offer video course materials, record lessons with live transmission, work collaboratively in project mode.

Videlio supports institutions in the choice and deployment of technologies to propose students an intuitive and smooth experience for elementary and primary schools, secondary education, higher education and training in general.

Videlio notably has proposals dedicated to the government’s stimulus plan for the digital transformation of schools.

New challenges in terms of engagement and satisfaction
of teachers use their laptop's integrated audio and video systems.
of teachers find it difficult to maintain their students’ attention during remote learning lessons.
of students are not satisfied with remote audio and video training.

Source: Jabra 2020 client survey


Elementary and Primary School classrooms

A turnkey proposal containing an interactive digital touch screen designed specifically for the recovery plan.

Hybrid classrooms

Ideal systems for higher education requiring more and more hybrid rooms to provide face-to-face or remote courses.


From the sound system for meeting spaces, through the sound system for immersive spaces, stadiums, arenas or security systems (PA), to sound recording and audio conferencing, make yourself heard – thanks to the best systems on the market.

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Videlio experts support you at all stages of your thoughts and projects. All the services proposed aim to facilitate and enrich the experience of the systems deployed for users.


Videlio’s dedicated skill centers guarantee you services and systems suitable for the various audiovisual problems that you may encounter in your company; with specialist contacts and professionals: coworking, audio-video integration, building management, post-production, events, media, etc.

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