From routine consultation to the very heart of the operating room, the image takes on a capital importance during health care procedures.

The maturity of networks and the generalization of HD draw a landscape in the form of a motorway towards e-health.

Medical robots, teleconsultation, wearable technologies and sensors of all kinds capable of taking blood pressure, measuring the quality of sleep or even monitoring the impact of a treatment, medicine is surfing the digital and communicating wave.

The operating room itself is reinvented and transformed into a real recording and transmission studio.

At the heart of a real concentration of medical technologies, and driven by the increasing popularity of minimally invasive techniques such as keyhole surgery, screens have made a remarkable entry into the daily lives of hospital practitioners. The arrival of these high-definition technologies provides unparalleled working comfort for surgeons; and offers benefits that are tangible and varied:

  • Systems for better work
  • Systems for better coworking
  • Systems for better teaching


Videlio helps you to equip yourself with the best professional audio-video systems, which will facilitate your daily life as health professionals.

Provide a single service interface for users and collect data.
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Facilitate and enrich the coworking of your teams with simple and secure systems
Discover Videlio coworking proposals
Equip your workplaces, museums, arenas, training centers, schools, hospitals, with professional audio-video systems
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Enhance and connect your events with video, sound and light systems at the service of creativity.
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Support your scenographic projects with systems and services: audio, video, lighting, networks, motorization.
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Videlio experts support you at all stages of your thoughts and projects. All the services proposed aim to facilitate and enrich the experience of the systems deployed for users.


Videlio’s dedicated skill centers guarantee you services and systems suitable for the various audiovisual problems that you may encounter in your company; with specialist contacts and professionals: coworking, audio-video integration, building management, post-production, events, media, etc.

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