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Technical event service provider

Every year, Videlio-Events supports hundreds of clients in organizing their most beautiful events, in France and around the world, on site or hybrid.

Videlio-Events responds to recognized private companies, leading public players and even large international organizations. Our teams organize conventions, general meetings, trade fairs and meetings. We also produce numerous sports competitions with international influence.

Conceptualization, technique, logistics, design of the event, Videlio-Events supports you throughout your project.

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On site, remotely or hybrid, Videlio-Events organizes all your corporate events: convention, general meeting, press conference, company evening, product launches. In response to your objectives and needs, we support you in the conceptualization and realization of your event.


Videlio-Events supports you in the deployment of all the techniques at your trade shows and professional exhibitions. We are the technical and logistical partner of several dozen trade fairs each year.


Videlio-Events is the technical partner for major sporting events in France and internationally. We deploy all our expertise and all our audiovisual solutions to ensure the organization and recording (on site or remotely) of the most beautiful world-renowned competitions.


Videlio-Events supports the highest public authorities or political organizations in the organization of their events on a national and international scale. On site, remotely or hybrid, we place our technical innovation at the service of France, Europe or the World.


Videlio-Events deploys audio solutions, lighting systems, screens, streaming capture tools for your festivals, your concerts, your cultural events in France and around the world!

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Videlio-Events supports you in the implementation of holographic projections (holograms), augmented or virtual reality technologies and in many other fields of innovation!


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  • Understanding
  • Realization
  • Conceptualization

At each stage of your event, the Videlio-Events teams are at your side to support you. Beyond technique and logistics, your event takes place at the heart of real project management in the service of your objectives.

Understanding your needs

At Videlio-Events, every project begins with a crucial step: understanding your needs. We take the time to listen carefully to our clients to grasp their expectations, goals, and vision.

This initial phase allows us to immerse ourselves in the world of each client, identify the specifics of their event, and lay the groundwork for a successful collaboration. By fully understanding your needs, we can create customized experiences that exceed your expectations and make every event unique.

Technical & logistical implementation

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, our team gets to work bringing your vision to life. Drawing on our technical and logistical expertise, Videlio-Events takes care of all practical aspects of the event, from careful planning to implementation on the ground.

Whether it is the management of technical equipment, the coordination of service providers or the supervision of on-site operations, we ensure that every detail is taken into account to guarantee a smooth and smooth running of your event.

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Event conceptualization

Videlio-Events strongly believes in the power of aesthetics and visual storytelling to captivate and move your audience. Our team works closely with you to design immersive scenography and striking visual worlds that reflect the very essence of your event.

From designing custom decor to creating spectacular lighting, Videlio-Events strives to create unique event environments that transport your guests into an unforgettable sensory experience.

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Explore our latest event projects carried out in France and around the world. Discover how Videlio-Events employees place their passion and expertise at the service of our clients!

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Integrator Audiovisual service provider

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For over 35 years,

in France and around the world, Videlio designs, integrates and operates tailor-made solutions and services, to better collaborate, communicate better and share ever more emotions and immersions.


FAQ : Videlio-Events answers your questions

Videlio-Events offers a full range of event expertise services to meet all your needs. This includes event planning and coordination, logistics management, event design and production, registration and attendee management, and vendor and partner coordination

We specialize in organizing a wide variety of events, such as conferences, seminars, product launches, large-scale sporting events, cultural or political meetings, trade fairs... Whatever whatever type of event you are planning, we have the expertise to make it memorable and successful.

We believe in a collaborative approach with our clients to understand their goals, values and vision for the event. Our team of experts will work closely with you every step of the way, from initial planning to final execution, to ensure your event perfectly reflects your brand and achieves your goals.

Videlio-Events has extensive experience designing and implementing virtual events that deliver an immersive and engaging experience for attendees, wherever they are in the world. Whether for team meetings, online conferences or virtual trade shows, our team is ready to support you in creating innovative events that meet the demands of the modern world.

To obtain more information about our event expertise services or to request a quote for organizing an event, please contact us via our online contact form or by telephone. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with a tailor-made solution tailored to your needs and budget.