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Videlio-Workplace is the French leader in audiovisual integration and services for work environments. 83% of CAC 40 companies and 67% of SBF 120 companies have already used Videlio to successfully integrate their audiovisual solutions and services within their premises.

From the design phase: study, advice, through the deployment phase: installation, configuration, training to operation and maintenance, our best experts support you to offer an unrivaled experience to the residents of your building: employees , customers, partners, visitors.

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Our audiovisual integration expertise

Videlio designs your building as a real service center with the user experience at its heart. Our audiovisual solutions and services are designed, integrated and operated to make your building attractive, innovative, efficient, communicative and secure.

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Equip all spaces in your building with audiovisual solutions: meeting rooms, boardroom, audiovisual studio, auditorium, reception hall, social spaces.



Deploy dynamic display solutions to communicate, iOT sensors to collect data, service applications to collaborate


Offer visual, sound and light experiences within your building to offer a unique experience within your building

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Equip your control room, your crisis and supervision rooms with our innovative, efficient and secure audiovisual systems

A dedicated team for each market

Videlio has a sectoral organization. Business units are dedicated to specific market sectors: retail, banking & insurance, education, defense, health, etc. The challenge is to provide tailor-made support, with knowledge of the challenges and specificities of your sector. Each business unit is made up of a team of multidisciplinary experts.

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A unique local network

The 15 Videlio agencies in France offer you adapted and tailor-made offers, with knowledge of your area of activity and your local economic fabric. This geographical proximity offers great agility in the movement of our teams, during the integration of your solutions or during possible on-site interventions.

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Explore our latest workplace projects carried out in France and around the world. Discover how Videlio-Events employees place their passion and expertise at the service of our clients!

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A reception center with the latest technologies, for corporate events Read more

Integrator Audiovisual service provider

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For over 35 years,

in France and around the world, Videlio designs, integrates and operates tailor-made solutions and services, to better collaborate, communicate better and share ever more emotions and immersions.

FAQ : Videlio answers your questions

Audiovisual integration is the process of designing, installing and maintaining audiovisual systems in professional spaces. This includes meeting rooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, training spaces, etc. The goal is to provide technology solutions tailored to the specific needs of each business to improve communication, collaboration and productivity.

The term “Workplace” refers to our approach to creating innovative, efficient workspaces tailored to the specific needs of each company. This includes integrating audio-visual technologies, communications and collaboration solutions, as well as designing physical and digital spaces that promote employee productivity, creativity and well-being. In short, “Workplace” represents our holistic vision of how work environments can be optimized to meet the challenges and opportunities of the modern era.

Videlio-Workplace offers a full range of audiovisual integration services, including consultation and needs analysis, custom design of audiovisual solutions, professional installation of equipment, training of staff in the use of the systems, as well as maintenance and technical support to ensure continuous and optimal operation.

We work closely with the best suppliers and manufacturers of audiovisual equipment to guarantee the quality and reliability of our solutions. Additionally, our team of certified experts have extensive experience in AV integration and are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients, from initial design to final implementation.

To obtain a personalized quote for audiovisual integration in your business, simply contact us via our online contact form or by telephone. Our team will be happy to discuss your specific needs, evaluate your options and provide you with a tailor-made solution tailored to your budget and goals.