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Videlio scenotechnics experts study, install and maintain audiovisual solutions intended for the layout and scenography needs of your spaces.

We equip museums, performance halls, amusement parks, the largest stadiums and the largest arenas. Videlio-Scénotechnique brings shopping centers, train stations, airports…

The Group meets all of your technical needs: electricity, light, immersive decor, giant LED wall, sound experiences… We specialize in mapping, on public monuments, private buildings, as part of long-term installations or ephemeral.

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Videolio equips all your spaces: sports venues, football, rugby and handball stadiums. Led walls, giant screens, scoring cubes, lighting, sound equipment, we work with the biggest players in sport in France. Videlio-Scénotechnique also works on temporary sporting events.


Scenography transforms museum spaces into interactive places, creating educational and aesthetic environments that captivate visitors and allow them to immerse themselves in history, culture or art. Videlio-Scénotechnique supports scenographers, content producers and designers to bring their ideas to life from study to deployment.


Lighting your building, immersive tours, sound experiences… Giant LED screens, interactive installations, tactile equipment… Videlio-Scénotechnique creates environments that stimulate creativity, productivity, dreams, in the service of the image of your brand, serving the experience at the heart of your business.


Technical networks, electricity, digital audiovisual, image equipment, sound, lighting, stage motorization, video mapping… Videlio-Scénique equips numerous performance halls in France. Our experts support the scenographers from the study to the deployment of the performance halls.


Videlio-Scénotechnique specializes in the scenography of public monuments. We offer cities, public authorities or private organizations the implementation of scenography solutions to enhance spaces in the heart of cities and bring them to life. Video mapping on monuments, architectural buildings, churches and cathedrals is at the heart of Videlio-Scénotechnique’s activity.


Video broadcast, interactive system, olfactory device, visitor companion, sound system, lighting, mapping, LED walls, Videlio-Scénotechnique finally supports you in staging your events. Event scenography transforms any event into a memorable and immersive visual experience by combining audiovisual technology, art and design.

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Explore our latest scenotechnic projects carried out in France and around the world. Discover how Videlio-Events employees place their passion and expertise at the service of our clients!

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FAQ: Videlio-Scénotechnique answers your questions

The scenographic expertise at Videlio-Scénotechnique includes the study, installation and maintenance of audiovisual solutions designed specifically for the layout and scenography of spaces. This includes equipment for museums, performance halls, amusement parks, stadiums, arenas, shopping centers, train stations, airports, and much more.

We offer a wide range of audiovisual solutions for scenographic spaces, from lighting and sound to the creation of immersive sets, giant LED walls and unique sound experiences. Our expertise also includes mapping, whether on public monuments, private buildings or as part of ephemeral or permanent installations.

Our group offers a complete response to the technical needs of clients in terms of scenic expertise. This includes electricity, light management, design and creation of immersive sets, as well as the implementation of advanced audiovisual solutions to create captivating visual and audio experiences.

Drawing on our expertise and experience, we have carried out a multitude of successful scenic projects for a diverse clientele. We have worked on permanent and temporary installations, at prestigious sites such as historical monuments, iconic stadiums and public spaces, always focusing on innovation and quality.

To find out more about our scenographic expertise services or to request a consultation for a specific project, do not hesitate to contact us via our website or by telephone. Our team of experts will be happy to discuss your needs and offer you tailor-made solutions adapted to your project and your budget.