Discover our CSR policy

Videlio’s CSR policy

The CSR approach is one of the 5 strategic axes of the Videlio group. We pursue this approach out of duty and above all out of conviction, to respond to the major social, environmental and ethical challenges of our world.

Leader in the French market for integration and audiovisual services, Videlio aims to involve all the players in its ecosystem to collectively rise to the challenge.

The strength of our local network

Our CSR policy is supported by the wealth of Videlio: its employees. In France, thanks to our 15 agencies, our talents are as close as possible to the territories and our customers to be on the front line of change.

This local network is Videlio’s strength. It favors short circuits in terms of human and material resources. This proximity, combined with our desire for technical excellence, allows Videlio to assume its role as a driving force in the sustainable growth of its ecosystem.

Our 3 pillars of commitment

Videlio’s CSR policy is based on three fundamental pillars which act synergistically to serve our demand for actions and results.


Social: Committed with and for our employees

Develop our talents & increase safety, health and well-being at work


Environment: Committed to the climate

Minimize our environmental impact and contribute to the ecological transition


Governance and Ethics: Committed to responsible growth

Seek a balance between economy, society and environment

Our environmental objectives

Videlio’s carbon footprint, carried out by an external company on scopes 1 2 3, was defined as the starting point for our environmental objectives. The result is an environmental management plan managed by the Videlio CSR Committee.

6 priority objectives

1. Strengthen our performance in the recovery of waste from electronic and electrical equipment

2. Strengthen our performance in terms of waste recycling on all of our sites

3. Reduce energy consumption on all of our sites

4. Reduce fuel consumption for professional travel for Videlio employees

5. Recommend to our customers solutions that are both technically and environmentally efficient according to sustainability and reparability criteria

6. Train and raise awareness among Videlio employees about the impacts of environmental aspects

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Other thematic actions

Below, discover some other major actions carried out as part of our CSR policy, on the pillars of our commitment: social, environment, governance and ethics.


Videlio has deployed an energy efficiency plan to optimize the use of resources, by adopting energy-efficient technologies and raising awareness among our staff of eco-responsible practices.


Videlio has set up a range of services to support our customers in the preventive and curative maintenance of their audiovisual equipment. Thus, we favor the search for corrective solutions rather than the purchase of new equipment.


Videlio has established an internal development path in order to strengthen employee commitment, their professional development, and cross-functional knowledge sharing to contribute to individual and collective training.


Each year, the Great Place To Work survey is sent to all employees in France and around the world to assess their experience within the Group. Analysis of the results makes it possible to measure the progress made and areas for improvement in order to define targeted action plans.


Videlio has deployed a reinforced strategy in favor of employment, integration and daily support for people with disabilities. The group also works with specialized companies (ESAT, EA and TIH) for various services.


Videlio is committed to promoting integrity and fighting corruption, cultivating a culture of ethics, standards and transparency in all our business activities. All our employees are invited to train in anti-corruption, business ethics, security and cybersecurity.

All our certifications

For more than 10 years, Videlio has evaluated its extra-financial performance through labels and certifications. This external evaluation process is part of a desire for continuous improvement, reporting and transparency.