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Technological innovation and flexibility at the service of businesses

On the outskirts of Paris, La Station 141 has 4 film sets and a production center fully equipped with cutting-edge technologies, with the SMPTE 2110 standard and a full IP version. Each element of this important technical system (3 control rooms, MCR, Protools, 5 multipurpose rooms, etc.) can be used alone or in correlation with each other.

Innovation remains everywhere in Station 141, in its studios but also in its control rooms, from where we can produce remotely (Remote Production) all types of events around the world.

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Videlio studio rental

Station 141 offers you the rental of 4 filming studios for your live broadcast, streaming, or recording. Transmissions are ensured thanks in particular to Ad Valem and 2 10GB fibers (different suppliers) to ensure redundancy.

You have sets from 30 to 360m², adaptable to all types of filming. You benefit from optimal conditions thanks to modern, solid, reliable technical means, spaces welcoming your entire team (speakers, actors, makeup artists, production team, etc.) allowing some to concentrate, rehearse, others once reassured , to continue working on their other projects but also spaces conducive to relaxation and restoration.

You can leave your vehicles in a closed and secure parking lot and count on absolute discretion for all your most protected personalities. Our building has two entrances, one of which allows any vehicle to drive up to the studio door.

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For all audiovisual productions

Our studios are open to a very wide range of filming:

Audiovisual productions: fiction, documentaries, advertising and musical clips, TV shows and games, etc.

Corporate events: webinars, conferences, speaking engagements, promotional videos, product launches, keynotes and conferences, capsules, but also webinars and training intended for employees, salespeople or suppliers.

Productions broadcast live on your channel, streaming on your platform, or recorded.

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Your video content on a professional set:
• a space of 30m²
• up to 3 speakers
• live recording/broadcast

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A turnkey space for your video content
• a space of 50m²
• up to 6 speakers
• capture/recording
• augmented reality technology


Your filming on a fully equipped professional set
• a space of 70m²
• up to 8 speakers
• capture/recording

ESRI France studio


Create content with XR technology
• a space of 360m²
• up to 20 speakers
• capture/recording
• XR technology

Sustainable audiovisual solutions

The choice of an SMPTE 2110 architecture makes it possible to considerably optimize the number and volume of equipment, thus allowing a significant reduction in our energy consumption compared to a traditional installation. Furthermore, the choice of material was key in the development of La Station 141. The LED screens and floors offer controlled consumption and the heat released from them is less, which significantly reduces the need for air conditioning.

Videlio teams support their clients in organizing their hybrid events using Remote Production. Traveling an entire production team to a filming location is no longer necessary. Beyond the resulting cost reduction, the client and Videlio commit together to offer responsible events.

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FAQ: Station 141 answers your questions

Station 141 is a versatile audiovisual production hub offering two distinct areas of expertise. First of all, we specialize in the rental of audiovisual production studios for filming or events at our headquarters on the outskirts of Paris. Secondly, we excel in carrying out remote events thanks to remote production.

Of course ! Our audiovisual production studios are equipped with the latest technology to meet a variety of needs, whether for video shoots, photo sessions, sound recordings or live events. Our spaces are modular and customizable to adapt to each project.

By opting for our studios, you benefit from a professional and equipped environment, access to an experienced team to assist you in carrying out your project, as well as a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure to guarantee high quality results. .

Remote production involves producing events using remote communication tools and technologies, allowing participants located in different locations to connect and interact in real time. At Station 141, we are experts in using this approach to create dynamic and engaging virtual events

Station 141 carries out a wide range of remote events, such as conferences, sporting events, corporate seminars and much more. Our team works with you to design and produce tailor-made events that meet your objectives and impress your audience, wherever they are.