Internally, the Puy du Fou has the technical skills needed to install entertainment equipment. But, with regard to the equipment of the new Congress Palace – which uses different technologies – the Puy du Fou wanted to be helped by an integrator, to advise and help it throughout the project.

The aim was to provide its professional / corporate clients with very versatile, easy-to-use coworking systems, which are in line with what exists today in companies.

What were the spaces to be equipped? First, a 500-seat auditorium with control room, retractable stands, and a 120 m² stage. Then, eleven meeting rooms from 12 to 20 m² with removable partitions, which allow spaces of different capacities up to 600 m²; giving a total of 1500 m² of workspace. There was also a nodal and control room, from which the technologies installed receive their orders to function. Finally, a restaurant, a lobby, as well as a bar.


A dynamic display was installed in the reception hall, the bar, the restaurant, the circulation areas and above the door to the rooms, to disseminate information and provide clear and effective signs. In the meeting rooms, an automation system was installed, making it possible to control the equipment, the light, as well as the temperature. The users are completely autonomous, although the managers also have the possibility of remotely preconfiguring all the rooms according to the needs. It should also be noted that a sound system with centralized matrixing was created – to facilitate modularity and management.

Another installation, a 30 m² LED wall (10 x 3 meters), movable and dividable into two parts, with a fully tailor-made LED panel support. Moreover, Videlio installed the MobilConnect system, for simultaneous translation, which adapts to the hearing impaired. We should also mention a collaboration system with wireless content-sharing, which works regardless of the device (PC, tablet, phone). In short, this the best setup possible.


“We really sensed the skill right away. We were listened to, heard and all the solutions that were proposed to us matched exactly what we wanted to do, and to our specifications.”

Thomas GUITET, director of Puy du Fou Congress


  • Digital signage
  • Broadcast solutions, automatisation, link less files 
  • Auditorium equipements : 30 smq mobile LED Wall
  •  MobilConnect solution for simultaneous translations.


Skill Center : Coworking & Audiovisual Integration