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In this unprecedented context, the world is changing; communication modes are evolving; video content is multiplying to answer the questions that all companies / organizations ask themselves:

How to keep the link with people who have become Flexworkers?

How to keep the link with its clients, when the events have become “Phygital” (blend of physical + digital)?

How to keep the link with your students in this age of Hybrid Education?

So, keeping the link is becoming the main issue for many organizations today.

For this, Marketing & Communication services, the media, etc, must reinvent themselves to propose distinguishing and impactful content; easily accessible in order to keep the link.

Your job is to support organizations in their communication challenges, thanks to creative and innovative devices.

Our job is to bring your creativity to life thanks to technological systems to achieve the targets.

You create content, we provide you with services and systems to transmit it.

Videlio offers audiovisual systems to support your clients in their communication challenges on their sites (General assemblies, exhibitions, external / internal events, exhibitions, etc.).

Enhance and connect your events with video, sound and light systems at the service of creativity.
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Integration of systems, establishment of infrastructures, recommendation of software systems for processing your media
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Equip your workplaces, museums, arenas, training centers, schools, hospitals, with professional audio-video systems
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Integrate and rent professional post-production systems
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Support your scenographic projects with systems and services: audio, video, lighting, networks, motorization.
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Videlio experts support you at all stages of your thoughts and projects. All the services proposed aim to facilitate and enrich the experience of the systems deployed for users.


Videlio’s dedicated skill centers guarantee you services and systems suitable for the various audiovisual problems that you may encounter in your company; with specialist contacts and professionals: coworking, audio-video integration, building management, post-production, events, media, etc.

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