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solutions broadcast






To meet the needs of the Broadcast market: Television channels, Radio channels, broadcasters… VIDELIO offers a range of professional solutions to equip trays, OB vans for both fixed and temporary installations.


Equip and connect a TV set or studio with professional solutions using fixed or temporary installations

To meet the needs of TV channels and the media wishing to cover a sports event in the best conditions, VIDELIO is able to provide equipment to reconstitute a professional TV set for an ephemeral installation.

Due to its expertise and its specialised equipment, VIDELIO can provide all the equipment from the installation of the nodal to the installation of the signal transmission system, to the broadcasting screens, sound, lighting, turret or remote cameras. VIDELIO also provides augmented reality solutions for shooting on a green background and inlay.

Innovative solutions are also available to offer mobile solutions for your outdoor shootings as well as fully equipped mobile video post-production bus solutions.

On the other hand, VIDELIO has two studios that can accommodate film shoots.

VIDELIO’s know-how for broadcast installations is also available for fixed installations.


Capture and broadcast images of a sports event

To meet the coverage needs of a sports event and to thrill sports fans, VIDELIO provides complete filming units and associated camera operators to shoot and conduct interviews on a track’s output.

From production to post-production, VIDELIO provides you with the means: cameras, signal transmission management, sound, light, post-production and technical teams. VIDELIO has OB vans to manage the transport of signals.

In this way, the images can be broadcast live on the competition site using IPTV solutions, live on the event website, or on the Social Networks for live streaming and allow your event to have a reach both on the competition site and on the web.

These images can also be used to make a behind-the-scenes film of your event.


Manage the transmission of elements captured on a sports event

To be able to broadcast the most beautiful images of a sports event using live or deferred transmission, VIDELIO offers signal transmission solutions as well as order and DATA networks. As such, the elements are transmitted to television channels, advertising agencies located on other sites, social networks, or made available in streaming.

Solutions using complete optical fibre or HF technologies adapted to all budgets and adapted to the constraints of the sites where the events take place:

By SNG (Satellite News Gathering) bus providing HD uplinks for satellite video transmission. Provision of a dedicated team with a specialised operator for the installation of the equipment and the operation of the transmission vehicle.

By 3G / 4G networks operating by automatic tracking of all active wireless networks, splitting the video stream between simultaneous uplink channels for mobile HD video transmission. Portable system that can be operated by the camera operator taking the shots, set up of a 24-hour telephone hotline to help transfer images from the system to the dedicated server for reception.

By Mediornet or Optocore system: signal transport solutions on optical fibre to:

  • Transport the signal,
  • Assign the signal,
  • Process the signal and convert it into a single integrated real-time network solution.

The solutions simplify installation and the device when capturing events that occupy a large space. The system connects the video control room to the various points of capture in the field by limiting cable pulling and forming a network.

The MediorNet solution can manage the real-time transport of all signals, cameras, video, audio, data synchronisation and intercom on a single optical fibre network.

VIDELIO assists you from the feasibility study through the preparation to the operation during the event and puts all its expertise at your service.

Vincent Varoquier Networks & Signal Transmission Expert explains the current trends in this field.


 Carry out the post-production of content captured on a sports event

To enable the largest possible number of people to follow the competitions of a sports event, many journalists travel and produce stories to relay the achievements of national athletes. VIDELIO, through its various subsidiaries, is able to offer comprehensive solutions from production to broadcasting and post-production:

  • Supply of ENG shooting equipment
  • Recording sets
  • Adobe or AVID post-production solutions.

The synergy between the teams of the VIDELIO group makes it easy to coordinate all these resources into a complete offer covering all the needs necessary to cover such events.

For all your requests for post-production resources, we use our subsidiary VIDELIO – Cap’ ciné, which has a large fleet of dedicated equipment and specialised teams. We can set up the resources directly at home but also at your service locations. Discover here the VIDELIO – Cap’Ciné product catalogue.

Whether it is on-site or by telephone, VIDELIO experts carry out the installation and technical assistance of the equipment throughout the duration of the event.