NAUSICAA, the National Sea Center, is not only one of the largest aquariums in Europe, it is also a research center, which aims to help people discover the riches of the sea and raise public awareness concerning the issues of ocean preservation. Through an incomparable immersive show, visitors can immerse themselves in the climatic upheavals of today and tomorrow via 3D virtual images projected from floor to ceiling.


To achieve this unique projection experience, covering 410 m², the Videlio teams deployed ingenious video, audio and lighting solutions. ecause visitors are very close to the images projected on the floor and walls, it was imperative to provide very high-quality images, clear whites, as well as a high level of contrast. Also, to get the visitor fully immersed, audio was another key point, with the control and orchestration of all the elements as a crucial point in the smooth running of the experience.


“In this world, a species can only thrives when everything else around it thrives too … […] If we take care of nature, nature will take care of us.”

David Attenborough


  • 22 Laser video projectors 7,000 lumens
  • 16 DTS Scena Led 80 light projectors
  • Nexo multichannel system with 8 ID 24i speakers, 4 ID 110 subwoofers and 2 NXAMP4x1mk2 amplifiers
  • Showcontrol and media distribution provided by 5 Modulo Pi servers (4 to 6 streams) coupled to a touch pad and laptops


Skill Center: Scenotechnics