MSC Grandiosa

To stand out and be different, shipping companies such as MCS Cruisers are full of imagination. They endeavor to entertain their clients by offering them ever more spectacular activities, to give them an unforgettable experience. Onboard entertainment has therefore become a major issue. But how do you do it?

Cruise ships are going digital! These ships are relying more on cutting-edge technologies to animate or communicate information about the services offered on board. Today, the professionals of this industry want to offer cruise passengers a true digital experience. TV, streaming, touch screen, virtual staff, GPS bracelet, interactive cabin or even an application to be configured according to tastes and desires … Everything is done to simplify the lives of travelers – and delight through the onboard experience.

In fact, the equipment and layout of public places on ships are crucial steps, requiring the intervention of dozens of trades. And among them, the Videlio teams are working to make their contribution and create unique digital experiences.


A short, guided tour inside MSC Grandiosa to discover the result: In this immense ship, each space possesses lighting designed to harmoniously clothe the different worlds on the boat. Also, an incredible sound system has been deployed to communicate information or amplify the shows organized on board.

Videlio has also installed audiovisual systems on the MSC Grandiosa; more precisely, in the 32 bars and restaurants, as well as inside the 2,440 cabins. The icing on the cake – and great technical prowess – our teams managed to install 1664 curved LED panels in the hall of the main aisle, thus giving the impression of a real digital sky over nearly 100 meters.


  • Samsung curvedLED IF040H-D screens


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