La grande Boucle

Three weeks a year, for more than 15 years, the Videlio teams have lived to the rhythm of the various stages of the Tour de France – with the biggest players in the event. Television Channel, Radio Channel, Agency, Announcer and Organizer can count on the technical skill and the great responsiveness of the teams following the event.


France Televisions, travels for production:

  • A France TV Sport mobile set is fully equipped with turret cameras, remote cameras, and a 65” high-light screen for the decor of the Vélo Club program.
  • Postproduction is carried out on a mobile platform, specially designed to allow the production of small summaries, best of, or highlights of stages for television channels. A van divided into 5 AVID editing rooms, an air-conditioned nodal and a control room offering all the comforts of a post-production studio, thanks to an operational configuration, easy to install, designed by the Videlio teams
  • The commentators are also installed in a van, equipped with a 98” screen and several 46″ screens.

ASO, broadcasts really beautiful imagesthanks to about one hundred LED and LCD screens set up by the Videlio teams at each stage on the start line, the finish area, the VIP and press areas and the stage relay. On the arrival protocol van, video is also ubiquitous, thanks to 2 LED walls installed on either side of the podium. The Videlio teams also equipped the ASO meeting van with seven mounting systems directly connected to the France Televisions van.

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