Already equipped with several mobile systems for recording and transmitting live broadcasts, AMP Visual TV wanted to equip itself with new mobile units in order to offer even more optimal picture quality to viewers. Each control van can carry a total of 27 people, in a space of 49 m² including an extension of 16 m². A mobile unit consists of a security entrance and five workspaces.


The Videlio teams were able to equip the trailers with audiovisual systems in their entirety, bypassing all the complexity of the design in a constrained space.

The teams were involved from the design of these new vans through to their integration: automated digital light, sound and video studio. Also, to ensure better bandwidth and image resolution, the new RIEDEL MicroN UHD system was installed and configured in these control vans.


  • Cameras: 14
  • Recorder(s): 8 HD DECK + USB recorder
  • Audio mixer: CALREC ARTEMIS
  • Video mixer: SONY XVS 8000
  • Servers: 4 HD EVS 8-channel video server
  • Trailer: 13.80 m
  • Manufacture of tailor-made technical furniture

Skill Center: Media