Mapping and Immersive Room offer

Mapping and Immersive Rooms

Digital is everywhere and spectators’ requirements are changing. Ultra-connected and in demand all day long, they are constantly looking for emotion and authenticity in their personal and cultural experiences.

When spectators go to a place of culture or entertainment, they are looking for an immersive experience that plunges them into a real emotional whirlwind: the works appear, the shows descend from the stage, the monuments are reborn from the past.

Do you want to offer a unique experience: intuitive, engaging and surprising for an unforgettable show?

Transform your spectators’ experience thanks to mapping and immersive rooms

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Mapping and Immersive Room proposal

Videlio proposes a service associated with the best audiovisual equipment on the market; and helps you throughout your project:


  • Design office – Advice, Specifications, Study
  • Technological choice – Video projection, Media management, Show control, Sound, Highlighting
  • Project management – From study to deployment
  • Deployment
  • Operations and maintenance
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Architectural Projection

Projection architecturale Videlio
Projection architecturale Videlio

Architectural Projection, also called video mapping or “3D mapping”, is a projection technique that brings to life buildings or objects in volumes, mobile or not, thanks to the projection of animated visuals. Video content is tailored to the projection surface, to the millimeter, to perfectly match its shape. Mapping is generally performed on unusual and non-dedicated spaces, and aims to create the illusion of texture.

Mobile Architectural Projection

Projection architecturale mobile Videlio

Thanks to JAMION, mobile architectural projection offers the possibility to start mapping in record time, thanks to an equipped vehicle. A plug & play proposal.

Immersive rooms

Salles immersives projections 360
Salles immersives projections 360

Thanks to 360° video, the viewer is fully immersed in a unique experience.

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