VIDELIO – HMS : the biggest and boldest theatre refit (yet) !

VIDELIO – HMS : the biggest and boldest theatre refit ( yet) !

Carnival Cruise Line’s biggest refurbishment has taken place this spring in Cadiz, as the Carnival Triumph emerged as Carnival Sunrise following a $200 million drydock

> June 6, 2019 — VIDELIO – HMS announced that they have successfully completed a major renovation for Carnival Cruise Line, creating a new multi-purpose Theater space called “Liquid Lounge” on the transformed Carnival Sunrise (formerly Carnival Triumph).

The vessel has received a massive $200 million makeover, including a name change, refreshed promenade, new food, recreation and entertainment features, as well as enhanced staterooms.

The project is part of Carnival’s broader $2 billion fleet enhancement strategy to add all of its Fun Ship 2.0 features across the fleet.

Carnival Cruise Line and VIDELIO – HMS developed, in summer 2018, the operative plans for the Liquid Lounge, an expansive Theater that would be home to captivating daytime and nighttime entertainment, including the line’s high-tech Playlist Productions revues and audience participation shows.

The project included a massive demolition and rebuilding (from its foundation) of the ship’s Main Lounge.

After a two-month dry dock in Cadiz, Carnival Triumph’s Rome Theater emerged as a brand fresh Liquid Lounge, now with a new raised fix stage, motorized slip stage, lighting trusses, curtains and a chain motor system. The entire audio, video and lighting system has been upgraded to the latest standard as well, introducing all features that are expected on a new generation multi-purpose show lounge.

[blockquote text= »We at CCL are extremely pleased with the results. The team was dynamic and engineered specific solutions to increase the speed of installation in the stage and rigging areas.
We wanted to assemble a world-class team to accomplish the aggressive timeline and VIDELIO – HMS delivered. The innovative front-of-house rigging solutions were extremely well-designed allowing for a very quick installation of the lights and will continue to provide our vessel with ease of maintenance in the future.

said Nigel Stables, CCL’s Director of Technical Entertainment » title_tag= »h3″ show_quote_icon= »yes » quote_icon_color= »#d41265″ text_color= »#4c4d52″]

[blockquote text= »The transformation of Carnival Sunrise is quite dramatic and that includes the creation of the state-of-the-art Liquid Lounge that was created by our partner VIDELIO – HMS who accomplished the work in just 30 days and delivered ahead of schedule. The end result is something that our guests will truly enjoy. » title_tag= »h3″ show_quote_icon= »yes » quote_icon_color= »#d41265″ text_color= »#4c4d52″]
[blockquote text= »We’re quite honored for the decision by Carnival Cruise Line to select us for this key project, a choice based on distinctive characteristics that VIDELIO – HMS can offer: globally coordinated services between US, Europe and Asia, unique in-house mechanical Theatre Expertise which, combined with the AVIT solutions in our portfolio and 35-years’ experience can ensure the highest level of integration currently available on the market.
Within the complex and competitive nature of the cruise industry, VIDELIO – HMS has continuously provided exceptional personalized services and innovative solution design to exceed all expectations.

said Gianluca Trentadue, Chief Strategy Officer at VIDELIO – HMS » title_tag= »h3″ show_quote_icon= »yes » quote_icon_color= »#d41265″ text_color= »#4c4d52″]

[blockquote text= »This was the biggest and probably the most challenging refitting ever deployed by VIDELIO – HMS.
Although it may appear similar to projects executed on new ships under construction, usually taking many months to complete, on Carnival Sunrise we had only a fraction of this time.
It took 6 months of detailed planning, engineering, extensive in-house coordination and preparation between our European and USA facilities, more than 70 technicians in total with amazing dedication and lots of hard work. But with the help of the Carnival Team and all our other partners, we were able to… triumph!

said Sergiu Posteuca, Sunrise PM at VIDELIO – HMS » title_tag= »h3″ show_quote_icon= »yes » quote_icon_color= »#d41265″ text_color= »#4c4d52″]


VIDELIO-HMS designs, deploys and integrates Guest Experience and Infotainment solutions on board cruise ships. The diverse spectrum of design and work carried out on board covers all aspects of audio, video, rigging, broadcasting, lighting, public address systems and dynamic displays in the ship’s entertainment areas (casino, bars, theaters, swimming pools, planetarium, etc.). VIDELIO – HMS works closely alongside their clients by offering a range of solutions, such as consultancy and design packages, complex customized projects, dedicated support and maintenance services.

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