Offer cruise passengers a unique experience

Enliven a unique customer experience through technologies

Innovate:  A crucial issue for cruise managers overflowing with innovations to satisfy an ever more demanding clientele.The cruise world has been experiencing a real upheaval over the past several years. Long reserved for seniors, ship charterers have decided to break the codes, rejuvenate their image and address younger targets.

We always think that cruises are reserved for seniors; but the more family-oriented summer audience proves the contrary,says Patrick Pourbaix, general manager of MSC Croisières for France, Belgium and Benelux


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For this, they double down on their imagination and innovation and have revolutionized their offer by offering various services and entertainment aboard that are worthy of a four-star hotel.

Their creed?  Offer cruise passengers a unique experience.

Some of the crazy experiments on these sea giants:  ride an eternal wave or try out the big sea toboggan (Ultimate Abyss) aboard the Harmony of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship. This ship also has an exclusivity:  the Bionic Bar, where robots mix cocktails with articulated arms under the dumbfounded eyes of passengers who order the drinks with the mobile application of the Royal Caribbean.

On Costa Croisières, it is the Pepper robot that receives the passengers when they embark, and helps them all along their stay.

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On the Meraviglia class ships of MSC Croisières, the spaces become flexible, like the versatile multimedia space, used both as Comedy Club, karaoke bar, concert stage, and TV studio, which broadcasts games, quizzes and talent contests on the ship’s screens.
Scenery more real than nature and yet… digital! We knew that some cabins without portholes could be equipped with screens to simulate a sea view on the MS Koningsdam, with a 270-degree LED screen offering a most immersive panoramic view!

The latest innovation aboard one of these sea giants is undoubtedly the inner promenade of the MSC Meraviglia, with a digital sky more than 100 meters long!

This is the pride of the VIDELIO St Nazaire teams, who worked for more than 12 months aboard to equip the ship. The 480 m² LED arch covers the entire promenade, the longest arch ever seen at sea: 5.60 m wide, 80 m long, 1334 LED panels with a pitch of 4 mm.
A tailor-made design that required very advanced studies, since the structure of the digital sky must be able to withstand the hull deformations in order to minimize the misalignment of the panels when the ship is at sea – a technical challenge that VIDELIO teams took up with pride and success!