Vincent Loré / VIDELIO – Media

Vincent Loré

Son of winegrowers (Vouvray), 3 years at Siemens as management controller, then 23 years at Sony Pro where I was involved in just about all possible aspects including management control, recovery, merchandising management, sales, marketing, integration and service.
My last job was as director of business integration and after-sales services in Europe.
I joined VIDELIO in July 2013 as development director, in charge of the Biz Dev unit and our export growth.


Three synonyms for know-how ?
Video and audio, project management, services

Three synonyms for innovation ?
Listening to the market, the Lab, testing new technologies with our clients

Three synonyms for performance ?
People, transparency, “no rose without a thorn”

Three synonyms for synergies ?
Team, team and team (2 heads are better than one !)