How to record, broadcast and share the highlights of a major event?

VIDELIO - Events offers simple solutions for live event shooting in HD. We have compact and mobile solutions which can be used for any type of event, even in very restricted size areas.
Our multi-camera HD live shooting solutions are adapted to configurations ranging from 3 cameras up to 20, all types of cameras compounded. The footage captured can be simultaneously or independently:

  • Recorded on any type of media: SSD disks, servers, USB jump drives, video cassettes from the DVCam to the HD Cam format
  • Displayed locally, with the possibility to mix video of the participants into a PowerPoint presentation using the PIP (Picture In Picture) feature
  • Internet streaming
  • Satellite transmission or 3G/4G telephone video streaming.​

We offer compact, fully pre-wired compact solutions which can be installed in record time and a reduced technical team depending upon the requested configurations.

We supply a specialist team: Equipment Chief, Video Engineer, Producer, Script person, Special Effects Engineer, Camera Operators, Sound Engineers, Audio/Video Assistants, LSM slow-motion operators, Caption operator, in other words all the necessary staff to operate the equipment and ensure complete and smooth coverage of the event.

Recommended for events such as : Live television programs, Sports,  Corporate, Entertainment, Exhibitions.

Products used for the tunrkey solution

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