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How to bring animation and surprize an audience during an event by projecting a life-size 3D object?

VIDELIO - Events offers holographic projection solutions allowing stage scenography for people or objects in lifelike 1 to 1 projection scale. These solutions have various applications to animate your events:

  • Product launches: show products in real size, animate them, offer 360° vision
  • Conventions: show guests in real life size, in 3D, not physically present at the event. Virtual recorded performance or live holographic teleconference.
  • Training sessions: You can broadcast the same training session simultaneously to several attendees ! A very good way to surprize the people attending the training course and make it easier for them to retain the course.
  • Exhibitions: An ideal way to present products which are cumbersome to move physically (vehicles, industrial machinery) for an exhibition. Surprize effect guaranteed !

Configuration example: projection baseline of 6m/19.6ft, image size 5m x 3m (16.4 x 9.8 ft), max ground coverage up to 40 square meters for a high impact and spectacular show.

The VIDELIO - Events teams assist you all along the entire project, from the production of content to tests in our showroom in partnership with company Adrénaline-Dopamine. We install on the event site, take charge of lighting requirements and also ensure technical assistance services during the equipment operation

An ideal solution for innovative presentations at corporate events : trainings, product launches, conventions, entertainment or exhibitions.
The best way to be convinced is to discover the possibilities for real. Try the experience by visiting our Holographic Showroom located in Paris (20th district/arrondissement).

Products used for the tunrkey solution