MSC Cruises Launches 15th Ship, the MSC Seaview

 MSC Cruises Launches 15th Ship, the MSC Seaview

On 4th June 2018 with a ceremony held at Fincantieri Shipyards of Monfalcone (Italy) the MSC Seaview was delivered to MSC.

MSC Seaview is the largest and most technologically advanced ship ever to be designed and built in Italy. She becomes the 15th ship in the fleet and offers a unique “beach condo” style design where the outside can experience like no other MSC class ship. She’s 153,516 gross tons, can carry 4,132 guests,  carrying 1,413 crew members and interesting fact that 4,000 Fincantieri employees were involved in building the ship.
This is now the third new MSC cruise ship to be delivered in just 12 months. This is part of MSC’s expansion plan to have a total of 24 mega ships by 2026.

MSC Seaview is pushing the boundaries of pioneering ship building and design. MSC Seaview will be one of the more innovative ships at sea, also when it comes to the environmental technology that she will feature.
Today VIDELIO – HMS is repeating this success with her sister ship. This is an amazing performance, that we are extremely proud of, carried out thanks to the technical and managerial skills, which made us great and acknowledged as such in the world and which allows us to look to the future with renewed confidence.’

Some figures, including but not limited to:
–    more than 50 racks of 42′
–    1400 ceiling speakers’
–    250 ceiling subwoofers
–    More than 220.000 mt of  cable installation

Led wall & Control room
Outdoor Led Screen & led Wall