In a world where ecology is taking a prominent place, new models of collaboration and working relationship, new modes of consumption of culture, of emerging travel … VIDELIO is at the heart of this digital revolution. VIDELIO designs, integrates and operates solutions that impact and will impact businesses, organizations and spaces by making them more accessible and more connected.

Our BtoB activity allows companies and administrations to provide their employees with modern workspaces favouring the Flex office. VIDELIO knows how to reduce the carbon footprint by limiting the movement of its workforce by staying connected via modern, efficient communication systems.

In this era of the instantaneous, VIDELIO, through its BtoBtoC activity, is setting up digital systems that enhance the experience of visitors by adapting to the profiles of new consumers. Digital art and digital travel are examples that demonstrate the relevance of VIDELIO’s expertise and strategy.

At VIDELIO, we realise that being a service company today means taking on a special responsibility for tomorrow. Through our daily mission and actions, we work for a greener, more united and responsible world.


6 value-creating levers
allow VIDELIO to steer its CSR policy: