Olivier Rousselière / Board member
CEO kross

Olivier Rousselière
Board member
CEO kross

After initially training in electronics, graduating with an executive ICG MBA, and then working for a while in the fields of social integration and delinquency prevention, I began my professional career as manager of an installation and maintenance service before going on to work for a logistics service provider. It was while working for this company that I met Pascal Bisaki (1990), Alain Cotte (1992), Hervé de Galbert (1995).

We decided to take over IEC in 2002, when the company was in serious difficulty, because we were convinced that great things could be achieved with the men and women that formed the company.
A firm belief based on the knowledge that it is people that form the wealth of a company.


Three synonyms for know-how ?
Skills, technical mastery, acumen

Three synonyms for innovation ?
Creation, originality, change

Three synonyms for performance ?
Talent for implementation, productivity, prowess

Three synonyms for synergies ?
Association, federated, together