The content expert, or how to create, produce, manage and broadcast media content in Paris.

Paris – Gennevilliers
141  avenue des Grésillons
92230 Gennevilliers
Tél. : +33 (1) 46 88 28 28
Fax : +33 (1) 46 88 28 29

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Based in the Paris region, VIDELIO-Media teams design, integrate and deploy audiovisual, broadcast and post – production systems for private and public sector companies all over the world.

In mobile units (OB Van, Control room buses, reporter vehicles, etc.) or in buildings (recording sets, TV studios, mixing studios, etc.) VIDELIO-Media intervenes throughout the content life cycle.

As a media and broadcast integrator, the solutions our experts propose concern recording platforms (for media professionals or corporate clients), Content Management/Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions, direct video solutions from smartphones, etc.

From engineering, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance to on-site operation (staff delegation), VIDELIO-Media supports its end-to-end customers in all audiovisual integration project, broadcast or post-production projects.



RTL Studios

Opéra de Paris (Bastille & Garnier)

Canal Factory’s TV SET

Allianz ‘s TV set

CnnMoney Switzerland

Millenium Signature 12 OB truck

Cars régies IP / UHD / 4K pour ARENA Television