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Parc d’activité de la porte Sud
Rue du Pont du Péage

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FAX : 03 88 18 68 39

In order to supply equipment and technical operation services (video, sound, lighting, rigging, multimedia) for your events taking place in Strasbourg and the surrounding region : NancyMetz…, VIDELIO – Events has local teams and a dedicated inventory of equipment to satisfy the following needs :

  • Video shooting : flight-cased production suites, cameras, recorders…
  • Video display systems : LCD, LED and interactive screens,  video walls, media systems, video projectors…
  • Video projection mapping : outdoor architectural mapping, indoor mapping
  • Lighting systems : LED projectors, automated, motorized and traditional lights, lighting control desks..
  • Complete sound systems for venues : speakers, Line Arrays, mixing desks…
  • Post-production
  • Signal transmission : production vehicles, fiber optic systems, DSNG vans…
  • Web streaming
  • Simultaneous translation services
  • Holographic shows

We can cover any type of event : conventions, conferences, shareholder meetings, festivals, sports events, trade shows…


  • Rental of touchscreens, Strasbourg
  • Rental of professional video equipment, Strasbourg
  • Rental of Totem video displays, Strasbourg
  • Rental of audiovisual equipment, Strasbourg
  • Rental of borderless screens, Strasbourg
  • Rental of slim displays,  Strasbourg
  • Rental of professional videoconferencing equipment, Strasbourg
  • Rental of LED video display walls, Strasbourg
  • Rental of large size display monitors, Strasbourg
  • Rental of rear projection systems, Strasbourg
  • Rental of video walls, Strasbourg
  • Rental of video production suites, Strasbourg
  • Rental of 4D screens, Strasbourg
  • Rental of flat screens, Strasbourg
  • Rental of plasma displays, Strasbourg
  • Audiovisual services provider for conventions, Strasbourg
  • Video services provider, Strasbourg
  • Rental of Multitouch screens, Strasbourg
  • Rental of simultaneous translation equipment, Strasbourg
  • Rental of touch-sentitive flat tables, Strasbourg
  • Rental of film and video projection equipment, Strasbourg
  • Video mapping services, Strasbourg
  • Interactive voting systems, Strasbourg
  • Holographic projection services, Strasbourg
  • Audiovisual engineering design services, Strasbourg
  • Rental of sound systems, Strasbourg
  • Rental of lighting systems, Strasbourg
  • Lighting services provider, Strasbourg
  • Sound systems provider, Strasbourg