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VIDELIO-Cap’Ciné is the specialist company with the most complete coverage of post-production needs and is capable of supplying its clients with all the tools they need to succeed in their projects.

From consultancy services to IT network design, system integration, user training, exceptional maintenance assistance, the VIDELIO – Cap’Ciné teams bring to their customers expert knowledge and state of the art talent in every aspect of post-production. In France as well as abroad, our teams partner with their clients right from the beginning of a project through to its completion and even afterwards by offering a wide array of associated services.

Whatever the project, from post-production for an event (sports or cultural) or the integration of a post-production workflow in a fixed environment, VIDELIO – Cap’Ciné will offer each time the best suited solution :

Solutions for Events

With the largest inventory of rental equipment in Europe (over 150 non-linear editing systems and 30 central storage units), VIDELIO – Cap’Ciné is the privileged partner for all large events and television programmes…

Integration Solutions

The experience acquired in the field by participating to some of the largest audiovisual projects allows VIDELIO – Cap’Ciné to be a reference partner approved by leading equipment manufacturers and receiving distinctions such as Avid Expert Solutions, Avid Support Provider, Sony Specialist Dealer, …

Services Solutions

VIDELIO – Cap’Ciné’s team includes 10 technical staff, duly trained and certified by the equipment manufacturers (Avid, Cisco, Sony, Tektronix, TeleStream, Object Matrix, Active Circle, …). From phone hotline technical support to field operations, Workflow consultancy, Coaching, Equipment Upgrades…