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To meet event needs, VIDELIO offers a wide range of equipment: video, sound and light for all audiovisual installations necessary for sports events, fan zones, promotional events; through its subsidiary, technical service provider for the event.

From the installation of devices allowing spectators to follow the competitions, to the recording device and the TV sets, VIDELIO experts can handle all types of projects.


Equip a sports event with video, sound and light technical solutions.

Equip a sports event with video, sound and light technical solutions.

To immerse participants in any event, whatever it may be, the installation of video, sound and lighting equipment has become inevitable.  An installation that allows you to broadcast video content: promotion, image rebroadcasting, live broadcasting of simultaneous events, sound content: music, sound associated with the images broadcast on a screen, but also to create an atmosphere through to the installation of lights.

In addition to the animation of the event, the use of audiovisual resources can be used to capture the highlights, either to broadcast them on the site of the event or on the web and thus give it a broader dimension, or capture images which can be used to produce a making-off film of the event.

All these solutions require the setting up of networks to enable machines to be connected to each other and to be able to broadcast, pick-up and/or record.

VIDELIO has the know-how and equipment necessary to equip all types of events.
Its experience in the field of sports, acquired over more than 30 years on the most important events: World Equestrian Games, Roland Garros, French Judo Championship, Sosh Freestyle Cup, America’s Cup, V de V sport, 24 h du Mans, Tour de France, brand activation… all of which enable it to understand the problems and challenges of the market to be able to offer solutions that can satisfy its actors.

  • LED walls, LCD screens, projectors, OLED screens, touch screens
  • Broadcasting systems, Line array systems, sub-woofers, microphones, sound consoles
  • LED projectors, deco buffet mats, LED tubes, Stand-alone LED Pars, Wash LED
  • Pick-up control rooms, Media servers, cameras, optics
  • Portable PC
  • A fleet of equipment with more than 42,000 references can be used to equip all types of events.


Create interactivity on a sports event

Create interactivity on a sports event

Innovation and sport are more and more interconnected. As a result, technology becomes interactive to offer sports lovers surprising sport and recreational experiences.

VIDELIO offers a range of solutions to create interactivities and engage participants in an intense experience of a sports event, as well as solutions that allow them to play and interact with a brand.

Tactile devices to interact with content:

  • To distribute the content they have chosen
  • To enlarge the broadcast elements or make them smaller
  • To play, draw, move, etc.

With the aid of:

  • Various technologies: tactile: from mono point to 32 points, kinect camera, Air Scan
  • All sizes: from tablets to 103-inch displays
  • Various forms: tablet or touch screens, interactive tables, rear projection system

Development of interactive applications:

  • The mastery of the “Touch Designer” Software by our experts enables us to carry out automations and create interactivity between the participants and the machines.
  • From the creation of the application or presentation compatible with the solution, installation, training for operation to on-site maintenance, VIDELIO teams support you and put their in-depth expertise at your service.
  • Immerse yourself in the TECH’OFF event, offering a range of interactivities to immerse participants in the world of retro-gaming!

Gérald Corteggiani, media system expert and developer, presents the latest trends in interactivity.