Improve the sports performance of athletes using video tracking

Key and critical activity for every high-level sports person; debriefing helps to analyse and correct the actions of the sports person to improve performance. To make debriefing more accurate, images of sportsmen and women in action are picked, recorded, reviewed and analysed.

As such, applications were created to make the best use of these images. Darfish is a partner which supports VIDELIO once the installation of the pick-up equipment has been done. This powerful application, used in many clubs, offers a wide range of possibilities for tracking and then analysis:

Live and deferred match sequencing: allows users to identify key actions during the match, sequence, review and edit in real time during recording

  • Instantly analyse the identified key actions
  • Precisely highlight what the action reveals
  • Illustrate what athletes need to improve with powerful tools such as frame-by-frame playback, slow motion, drawings and instant playback
  • Plan, through the creation of statistical reports, a strategy to be more competitive: improve player preparation, develop techniques and define tactics

The elements can then be shared, and interactive reports can be created.