Jean Philippe Mélet / Board President

Jean Philippe Mélet
Board President

Graduate from the IPAG Business School Paris in 2000 and holder of the EM Lyon “Entrepreneurship” master’s degree, I co-founded and co-chaired the Neotilus Company; then joined the Ausy Group in 2004 as local and international operations director. In 2010, I joined the Econocom Group before being appointed CEO of the Exaprobe subsidiary in 2013.

I joined VIDELIO, the audiovisual multi-specialist, in 2019 as Chairman of the Management Board.


Three synonyms for know-how ?
Talent, Experience, Skill

Three synonyms for innovation ?
Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Influence

Three synonyms for performance ?
Excellence, Determination, Exceeding limits

Three synonyms for synergies ?
Working together, Helping, Sharing