Guillaume Durieux / CEO  VIDELIO

Guillaume Durieux

Married with 3 children (engineer and MBA graduate). In 1995, after doing my military service in the French Navy as deck officer, I joined an engineering and electrical integration company belonging to the INEO-SUEZ Group, first working as a business manager and then group manager.

I joined one of the VINCI Group companies in 2000 to develop audiovisual media and took over the management of this department in 2002.

In 2006, Alain Cotte asked me to join the IEC Group’s audiovisual project as director of the research and design office, and then as chief executive.
IEC quickly became market leader and I have been the Group’s chief executive since 2013.


Three synonyms for know-how ?
Skill, professionalism, quality

Three synonyms for innovation ?
Future, technology, transformation

Three synonyms for performance ?
Rapidity, competitiveness, result

Three synonyms for synergies ?
Team, sharing, common objective