David Fontaine / VIDELIO – Cap’Ciné

David Fontaine
VIDELIO – Cap’Ciné

Aged 49 and having graduated from EFAP Paris in 1991, most of my career has been in the field of professional audiovisual support, especially at Perfect Technologies where I participated in the development of Broadcast services and integration.
I joined Cap’Ciné in 2003 to ensure the going concern and transformation of the company after the departure of its founders.
Since the takeover of TimeCode Services in 2012, I have been proud to provide and coordinate a high level offering with services for the whole market ranging from post-production and designing digital solutions to training end-users. Ten years on, Cap’Ciné has become a benchmark stakeholder in French broadcasting !


Three synonyms for know-how ?
Experience, listening, flexibility

Three synonyms for innovation ?
Digital, enhancement, vision

Three synonyms for performance ?
Competition, technical mastery, achievement

Three synonyms for synergies ?
Organization, efficiency, 1+1=3