Christophe Grignon / VIDELIO – HMS

Christophe Grignon

Having trained as an engineer, I joined the “naval world” in 1988 after 3 years working as a Technical Sales Engineer in France.
I was put in charge of creating an international division and, when I left the company 10 years later, 80% of its sales came from exports.
I then joined VIDELIO-HMS, first as director of operations in Italy, then Head of Agency in France before finally going to the Miami agency in 2001. I have been CEO of the American subsidiary since the beginning of 2012, and was appointed CEO of VIDELIO-HMS in January 2013.


Three synonyms for know-how ?
Savoir-faire, heritage, fundamentals

Three synonyms for innovation ?
Indispensable, design, HMS, ideas in motion

Three synonyms for performance ?
“Citius altius fortius”, team spirit, success

Three synonyms for synergies ?
Collaboration, eye opener, exchanges