VIDELIO – HMS is proud to be the A/V equipment integrator for the largest cruise ship in the world : Harmony of the Seas

VIDELIO – HMS is proud to be the A/V equipment integrator for the largest cruise ship in the world : Harmony of the Seas

Among its 24 cruise ships, the american company Royal Caribbean International is especially proud of its latest addition to the fleet : the Harmony of the Seas. Belonging to the Oasis class of crafts according to the operator’s designation, the Harmony of the Seas is currently the largest cruise ship in the world. The craft was built at the STX shipyard in Saint-Nazaire (France) over a 3 year period spanning 2013 to 2016. It began operating last may after completion of the 10 million hours it took to build over 3 years.

The Harmony of the Seas has the following specifications :

  • Tonnage : 227 000 metric tons
  • Length : 362 m
  • Width : 66m in the widest section
  • Decks : 18
  • Cabins: 2750
  • Capacity : 6296 passengers + 2394 crew members.


Looking back at the construction of this seafaring giant

In may of 2016, the largest cruise ship in the world was delivered by STX France to its owner, the american company Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

VIDELIO-HMS is proud to have contributed to this industrial challenge as an integrator for Sound Systems, Lighting and Stage Machinery.

To accomplish the integration of sound, lighting and stage machinery systems, a very large variety of equipment was required. Here are some figures :

  • 70 public venues
  • 90 equipment bays
  • 220 km of electrical & A/V wiring
  • 10 km fiber optic network installation
  • Approximately 1450 loudspeakers
  • Over180 tons of stage machinery installed
  • Stage machinery: 14 motorized elevator platforms, one 15m motorized bridge, 3 gangways, 300 square meters of stage show area
  • 2 outdoor LED display screens approx. 7m x 4m in size


Welcome aboard !

First of all, the “Royal Theater”. It is fitted with 1400 seats and VIDELIO-HMS has installed the very best technologies in the fields of sound systems, lighting and stage machinery (motorized systems including a movable stage set, bridges…) to do justice to Broadway musicals such as “GREASE” and “COLUMBUS, THE MUSICAL !” a new original production from Royal Caribbean.

The greatest challenge for VIDELIO-HMS was to include all the modifications requested by the production company only 3 months before the ship’s departure !


Thanks to its highly qualified and experienced teams, VIDELIO-HMS demonstrated strong virtues of capability and flexibility to find the best solutions to satisfy the client’s needs.

For entertainment on board, there is also “Studio B”, a genuine ice rink where is hosted”1987″, a Royal Caribbean original ice skating show. The set is enhanced by a powerful sound system, LED projectors, video mapping, and 3 motorized stage elevators.

All this equipment was installed, set up and configured by VIDELIO-HMS staff.



There is also the “AquaTheater”, an outdoor venue where swimming pools and audience seating positions allow to view extraordinary and unique shows performed by divers and acrobats. The set is enhanced by 6 powerful projectors with motorized heads and 2 outdoor LED high definition display screens with 10mm LED spacing. For this venue, the main challenge was to integrate the sound and lighting systems as they are all mounted high above the deck. The help of professional mountain climbers was necessary to accomplish the task.



Inside the ship, the “Royal Promenade” is a covered street 100 meters long where take place parties, parades, etc. in the midst of shops, restaurants and karaoke bars. Another unusual feature is the “Bionic Bar” where human barmen are replaced by robots. There are also many other attractions to discover along the street.

The challenge for VIDELIO-HMS was to cover the entire street with a uniform sound level thus giving the entertainment team full freedom of movement for the traditional end-of-cruise parade.


Central Park is an extraordinary venue decorated with genuine trees and plants. Concealed speakers allow each passenger to relax peacefully.


VIDELIO-HMS had a single goal : ensure the complete satisfaction of its customer, Royal Caribbean

The Harmony of the Seas, a seafaring giant of behemoth size is a true gem of advanced technology features offering its passengers an outstanding cruise experience and a wide variety of entertainment possibilities.

To make these high quality services a reality, VIDELIO-HMS took up the challenge to integrate the very best equipment for Sound, Lighting and Stage Machinery within a very short installation time schedule all while catering to the client’s very specific requests.