“Silent Discos” are now possible on board the Celebrity Constellation

“Silent Discos” are now possible on board the Celebrity Constellation

Every year, new cruise ships take to the open seas with an ever increasing number of passengers who can look forward to enjoying an ever larger service offering with even more innovations.
Whether they’re sailing out of France, Italy, Miami or elsewhere, these ocean liners will be making non-stop ports of call and working at full capacity for several months, even several years. Most anomalies and malfunctions are dealt with by the crew on board ship during the cruise; for major works, it’s necessary to wait for the ship to be in dry dock. Putting the vessel in dry dock means that for several days / weeks, the ship is out of the water and there are no passengers on board while it undergoes servicing, maintenance or a refit.

What is a refit? What does it involve?

A refit can range from minor works to the total transformation of the ship. Replacing, repairing, re-equipping, refurbishing, restoring, renovating… all the tasks required to give second life to a boat (yacht or cruise ship). In the world of cruises, ship-owners see not only an opportunity to court potential passengers and appeal to their increasing desire for new features, but also a financial windfall. Indeed, the refit will enable new spaces to be created on board, new living areas with new entertainment possibilities, which are often very profitable.

For example, take the cruise ship owned by RCCL / Celebrity Cruises. At the end of May 2017, one of the company’s ships, the Celebrity Constellation, was in dry dock in Marseille. On Deck 13, the ship had a large, mainly unequipped, terrace and the ship owner asked the VIDELIO Miami teams to install an outdoor LED screen measuring 4.3m wide and 2.5m high. This meant that the ship had the same layout as its “smaller sister ships” and provided the possibility of offering passengers a new living area where films could be broadcast and entertainment provided.

What was the most challenging aspect of this project?

“The main challenge was finishing such a large-scale project in just 15 days (the time the ship was in dry dock). Over 7 kilometers of cables and fiber optics had to be pulled through ducts and connected on many of the ship’s decks,” explains Ludovic Leroy, director of VIDELIO – HMS Project Management.

The operation required assembly on the ground which took 5 days for our 4-man team, then installation on board which involved 2 more people.  Once the ground assembly work was finished, the LED screen was loaded on a truck to be taken alongside the ship and then it was hoisted by crane to a height of 35 meters to reach Deck 13 of the Celebrity Constellation in order to be welded to the ship’s structure.
The installation also included HD SDI fiber connections from the screen to the ship’s Broadcasting Center 250 meters away, as well as fitting an elaborate sound system.


What will the ship’s refit bring to the ship owner and more especially the passengers?

“This giant LED screen will enable the ship owner to organize themed evenings, disco parties and entertainment such as Trivia. It will even be possible to organize Silent Discos: music broadcast by a DJ that the passengers listen to through audio headsets. The advantage is that passengers in cabins on lower decks will not be disturbed by the sound.
If 2 DJs are playing at the same time, passengers equipped with their audio headsets can choose from the music being aired by DJ 1 or DJ 2,”
states Ludovic Leroy.


These facilities match the demands of passengers and younger generations who have become a key target group for ship owners.

List of the equipment:

Screen size: 4300mm x 2500mm
Fiber Converter/HD SDI: Extron Ref.: FOX3G x 4
Embedder: AJA ref.: HD10AMA x 2
Video scaler: Harris X50 x 1
Video Mixer: BroadcastPix Ref.: Flint x 1
Camera: Sony Ref.: BCR-Z320 x 1

Loudspeaker: QSC Ref.: AD-S282H x 10
Subwoofer system: Community Ref.: W2-122 x 2
Amplification: QSC Ref.: CXD-4.5 x 4
Processor: BSS Ref.: BLU-100
Controller: BSS Ref.: BLU-10 x 2
Mixing console: Yamaha Ref.: TF1 x 1