Outside OB van, outside broadcast vehicles, DSNG, OB Unit

Outside OB van, outside broadcast vehicles, DSNG, OB Unit


As a well-known Broadcast System Integrator, VIDELIO – Media specializes in design engineering & supply of fixed & mobile TV systems (OB Vehicles, complete Television stations, playout solutions, archiving system and much more). Their experience, confirmed though various operating systems integrated for France, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, helped them to find the most effective solution for this new OB system. Their designers, system engineers, technicians, wiremen, electricians, carpenters, are proud to work for this giant project.

Having the capacity of 2 great OB vehicles, this giant production unit will be dedicated to the great events: sport events, official ceremonies, live shows, festivals, concerts, entertainment, etc.

Among its unusual parameters, we may highlight: 

  • Huge flexible operational surface 76m², with a volume of 165 m3, offering big Production facilities and a great VIP area
  • 40 configurable for multipurpose workplaces
  • 3 separate Shading & monitoring rooms
  • 2 separate Video Control Rooms
  • Production & VIP space of 15m²
  •  if a traditionally “big” OB Vehicle has around 5 cold racks, this Millenium Signature 12 unit will have 540RU available in its 12 racks of the Central Apparatus Room
  • 4K technology
  • IP & SDI technology
  • Power supply system providing up to 120KW
  • Air conditioning system of 100KW

Thanks to its huge flexible space, this OB vehicle offers federative operation for several technical staffs, allowing multi task direction, skinning, enhancement, video editing and a huge capacity of slow motion.


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This unit is fitted with 2 side extensions, covering its full length. When the OB vehicle is completely deployed, its surface extended up to 2.4 times its normal size. #OutsideBroadcastVehicle #DSNG #OBunit

When we’ve asked our end-user, AMPVISUALTV, if we could showcase the Millenium Signature 12 vehicle at the IBC 2016, we’ve got a pretty interesting answer : ’’Surprise ! ’’

32tons Van
Length:                   14.15m
Width:                     2.5m
Deployed width:       6.1m
Height:                    4m
Surface:                  76m²
Volume:                  165m3

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Discover the refurbishing done by VIDELIO – Media on the outside Broadcast Van Millenium 8 (AMP Visual TV) here