Celebrity Edge: The new standard for on-board audio-visual

Celebrity Edge:
The new standard for on-board audio-visual

Freshly emerged from Chantiers de l’Atlantique (Atlantic Shipyards), Celebrity Edge redefines cruise navigation standards in customer architecture and experience.

Let’s start with the facts: 306 metres long, 38 metres wide, 129,000 tons and a capacity of 2,900 people. This is the identity card of Celebrity Edge. This new ship, owned by the American ship-owner Celebrity Cruises, may not be the record for the longest ship in the world, but it breaks many of the codes of naval architecture. And for good reason! It is not architects specialising in maritime affairs that were commissioned to design the interior of this giant of the seas.

 306 m long, 38 m wide, 129 000 tons and a capacity of 2 900 people 

This deliberate choice of the Company, which right from the start of the project wanted to free itself from the conventional, was not without consequences. Freed from the usual constraints of this type of development, the architects imagined a very high-end experience for future passengers, in which aesthetics take over from techniques. Therefore, for the VIDELIO teams, responsible for discreetly passing kilometres of cables, integrating loudspeakers, installing projectors, offer an audio-visual experience matching their ambition, but still complying with the original design, was a real challenge.


I Magic Carpet: hide this speaker so I don’t see it!

Emblem of the Celebrity Edge, the Magic Carpet makes it immediately recognisable from the ground. What is it? Nothing more or less than a restaurant-lift! Installed to starboard, a platform the size of a tennis court can rise above the water up to a height of 13 floors. Open to the sea, the Magic Carpet also features a clear PVC ceiling, giving its 200 guests the impression of soaring over the oceans on a flying carpet. Needless to say, it took imagination and technical creativity to slip totally invisible sound and light equipment on this mobile, aerial assembly. Made-to-measure polyester cladding was created, in association with MULTIPLAST, a Vannes company that manufactures the hulls for racing trimarans.

” … a restaurant-lift“: Located to starboard, the platform with the size of a tennis court can rise above the sea up to a height of 13 floors.  


I Theatre: an avant-garde scenography

Major place for entertainment on the cruiser, the theatre is also the unrivalled venue for travellers. Here again, Celebrity Cruises decided to adopt a very different course from its previous ships, breaking the boundaries between actors and spectators. First, the stage is divided into four parts; one of which advances well into the audience, and places the actors right in the middle of the spectators. This position required reviewing the traditional position of sound and light equipment, to enhance the performances without the technical devices being obvious. Moreover, the theatre also offers an unprecedented projection system: sixteen video projectors were fitted to broadcast images on ten giant screens, eight of which are motorised and can move according to the scenes. To add even more refinement, one platform can rise more than two metres above the stage; also, rotating stairs complete the picture.


I Rooftop Garden: a sound and visual oasis

” The pool on the ship’s upper deck blends in with the greenery.

Providing a sound system on a ship’s pool is not usually a difficult job for experienced professionals. Except that the Celebrity Edge is not an ordinary ship! The pool installed on the ship’s upper deck must blend in with the greenery. The speakers must be discreet in the middle of trees and plants. As regards lighting, where any other ship would have had fixed supports, the Celebrity Edge is equipped with a folding beam, especially designed to give more freedom in the play of light.


This latest ship from Celebrity Cruises is a new architectural standard and its innovations will change the world of cruising.

The icing on the cake: the VIDELIO teams have endowed it with technology not found anywhere else in the world. Passengers will not realise it, but its two sound systems have been merged. All other cruise ships must operate a system for public and leisure sound, and a second, the “Public Address”, dedicated to messages and alerts. The reason is simple: this second system is critical for the safety of the cruiser and is subject to very strict regulations to ensure its continued operation. The Celebrity Edge uses one single unified system. It is based on eight networked units installed throughout the ship. All possible faults were simulated to ensure that broadcasts remain possible in all circumstances.

Ready to set sail!