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How to find the right equipment for simultaneous translations on an event?

VIDELIO - Events offers solutions for conferences and simultaneous translation needs. Our solutions allow the participants to an event to listen in their own language and with very high audio quality, the translation of speeches of an orator. As for the speaker, he can remain at ease and comfortably express himself in his native language, thanks to quality equipment and a complete mastery of the technologies involved. 

We have a large inventory of equipment using the latest technologies available for simultaneous translation applications : Digital Infrared, RF, computerized management and control of conferences, etc.

VIDELIO - Events proposes technical solutions which are perfectly adapted to the venue and type of event.

Depending upon the location and scope of the event, VIDELIO - Events offers conferencing solutions and equipment to carry the translation channels using technologies such as Digital Infrared, RF radio links, wired systems and Wi-Fi broadcast.

  • BOSCH DCN Conference System: from a simple meeting, Corporate Board reunions…to the largest international conferences, the system manages the speech priorities and the responses from the participants. Used in conjunction with a simultaneous translation system, it constitutes the perfect interface for clear and natural multiple language communication.
  • BOSCH DCN Digital Infrared Transmission system: The INTEGRUS solution can manage up to 32 channels/languages. Furthermore to this impressive capacity, the sound quality is top notch : speech is perfectly reproduced and music is Hi-Fi quality. The system also ensures perfect confidentiality as the Infrared signal cannot escape outside the conference room.
  • Sennheiser RF system: lightweight and ergonomical, the HDE2020 receiver and sthetoscope-styled earphones offers 6 channels/languages. It pleases many customers for its ease to use and secure RF system with no risk of interference.

We offer simultaneous translation systems complying with the most stringent standards concerning audio quality. Our goal is total client/translator satisfaction, each and every time.

To reach this very high standard, each project is visited on site and a technical engineering study is initiated to recommend the equipment best suited to the venue and its smooth deployment.
Our mobile translation booths comply with the current  ISO-4043 specifications and our equipment is at the level of the translator's highest expectations.

Solutions for the largest international Corporate events: Shareholder meetings, Conventions, Product launches, Industry Meetings, Conferences..

Products used for the tunrkey solution

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