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How to distribute the sound and create a quality sonic ambience during an event, show or concerts ?

From a simple voice PA system up to a meeting of several hundred participants, a concert, a sound system for your exhibition booth, a cocktail evening or dance party,  VIDELIO - Events proposes audio solutions adapted to each of your events.

Audio solutions for every power need

  • Line Array Solution : the Line Array technology uses modular speakers having variable box curvatures and are designed to produce exceptional sound quality at very high power levels. They absolutely guarantee a perfectly controlled sound distribution pattern, some features are :
    • Highly versatile and adaptable
    • The sound distribution directivity can be increased, depending on the acoustics of the venue
    • The acoustic level can be made constant over the audience area, specific zones can be targeted and controlled.
    • It is possible to have complete control over all the parameters of the sound distribution field (width/height, equalization, power levels…) 
    • Provide exceptional sound quality
    • Gain space by reducing the number of speakers and sound distribution points
  • Speaker solutions for sound systems of any power (D&B, L Acoustics, Nexo, Bose...) 
  • Speaker solutions with an elegant design (Bose, Electro-Voice) : a selection of products allowing high quality sound reproduction in limited areas such as exhibition booths, cocktail evenings … aesthetically pleasing, with floor or wall mounting.

The VIDELIO - Events teams will assist you from the technical design stage to installation and operation of the equipment. Their mission is to recommend a solution adapted to the venue, the size of the audience and the musical content to be played.

Our staff undergo manufacturer training courses on a regular basis and they are the ambassadors of some of the greatest names in the sound system industry : L-Acoustics, D&B, Nexo. They are proud of their expertise and put a point of honor in always adopting the best solution for your event.

Ideal solutions for Corporate events such as :

  • Conventions, shareholder meetings, cocktail evenings.
  • Entertainment events : Concerts, shows, festivals, sports.
  • Exhibition events : trade shows, conference halls. 

Products used for the tunrkey solution

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