How to personalize, enhance and enrich an event by allowing your community to voice their opinions?

The SocialWall is a tool allowing to assemble and display in real time, over a single or multiple screens, media content such as text messages, Tweets, photos, videos, votes. This solution allows:

  • To display selected content coming from social networks : Twitter, InstaGram, Google +, Vine, or from telephone text messages or RSS feeds.
  • Voting possiblilities (creation of surveys and display of results in real time)
  • Questions can be asked via telephone text messages.

A customizable and safe solution:

  • Simple to configure : select the colors, the background screen. Alternatively, create a completely custom design.
  • Select the #hashtags linked to the Social Wall
  • Select the display media : LED walls, columns, banners to fit your available space, video walls, LCD screens from 32" to 152".
  • Moderation by an operator using a fast, intuitive interface or automated moderation. Select the messages to be displayed using the user-friendly, responsive software. It is also possible to moderate the replies to voting polls.
  • Multi-device moderation applications : computers, tablets or SmartPhones
  • Remote management through a full 100% WEB solution.

An ideal solution to make your audience fully participate in the event and create a buzz, Before/During/After. 

The VIDELIO - Events teams assist you from the initial design to installation, operation and after the event : creation of the customized interface, installation of display screens, of the Social Wall application, operational parameters and technical assistance during the event. Post-event, the Social Wall data is supplied to you for analysis and statistics. If you require it, VIDELIO - Events can also provide a professional entertainer/moderator to stimulate your community during the event.

The Social Wall is a solution developed in-house by The Lab' by VIDELIO. It is ideally suited for Corporate, Sports, Entertainment and Exhibition events.

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