How to inform and communicate using a LED wall/floor display, indoors or outdoors?

VIDELIO - Events offers a wide and varied choice of LED display walls, adapted to many types of uses:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor

and varied configurations:

  • Suspended wall
  • Floor mounted wall
  • Floor tiles
  • Trailer mounted

The very high brightness and excellent color rendition afforded by LEDs gives your content the possibility to be viewed with strong visual impact on an exceptionally bright display media, even in full daylight, ensuring lasting viewer experience. The panels can be standalone or integrated into a decoration scheme. LED wall displays for OUTDOOR use can face any type of weather conditions.Built through the assembly of several individual panels, LED video walls and floor tiles are completely modular and can be arranged to create a display of any desired size. LED panels are silent and rugged, furthermore panels can be used with different pitch sizes in order to offer the best picture resolution for the important contents of a presentation.

Our full daylight LED display mounted on a trailer offers a mobile viewing screen of 10 square meters. It is ideal for advertizing purposes in addition to the other video displays.

From the creation and/or adaptation of the media to fit the display surfaces and shapes, through to installation and operation during the event, the VIDELIO - Events teams have recognized expertise to make your projects successful every time.

An ideal solution for the following events : Corporate, Entertainment, Exhibitions, Sports and Television studio sets.

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