How to communicate and show a presentation during an event?

VIDELIO - Events offers you a high quality video display solution, easy to install and requiring minimal space. An ideal solution for events taking place in restricted size areas : exhibition booths, showrooms, evening cocktails or stage side displays. 

LCD display screen are available in sizes ranging from 32" to 46", mounted on a slender floor base and finished in a fit-anywhere, matte decoration. The media content can be played from a USB jump drive or using an HDMI input. A simple solution, fast to install and very efficient.

Larger size screens from 55" to 80" are mounted on a contemporary design base or a motorized pedestal for the largest size screens from 95" to 103"..

The screens can also be wall mounted and/or integrated into the booth decoration scheme designed by your booth building partner.

The VIDELIO - Events teams assist you from the creation of media content to the installation and setup at the venue. 24 hour technical assistance is available through a telephone hotline service.

An ideal solution for Corporate events and Exhibitions

Products used for the tunrkey solution

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