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How to process and transmit the audiovisual elements captured during an event?

VIDELIO - Events offers signal transmission solutions to send the images and sounds captured during events as well as intercom and data signals. The content is usually sent to television network broadcast centers, to production suites located at other event sites for live broadcasting, real time or delayed Internet streaming…

We offer complete solutions using fiber optics or RF links, adapted to any size budget and complying with the technical constraints of the venues where the events are taking place:


  • DSNG vehicles (Digital Satellite News Gathering) supply HD uplinks for the transmission of video content via satellite. We supply a complete crew with a technical specialist for the installation of the equipment and operation of the satellite transmission facilities.
  • Using 3G / 4G telephone networks, the system searches all the active wireless networks and divides the video stream into several simultaneous uplink channels, allowing full HD video transmission with total mobility. The equipment is portable and can be operated by the cameraman while shooting. We also provide a 24 hour Hotline phone service to help with the transfer of the content to a dedicated reception server.
  • Use of the Mediornet or Optocore systems, signal transport solutions over fiber optics which include:
    • Signal transport,
    • Signal assignment,
    • Processing and conversion into a single integrated network solution operating in real time.

This solution allows to simplify the installation and reduce the need for additional equipment when covering events spread out over a wide area. The system connects the video production suite to several image pickup locations in the field and the number of cables to be installed is therefore reduced by organizing the system as a network. The Riedel MediorNet system can manage over a single fiber optic network the transport in real time of all the signals : camera control, video, audio, sync and intercom.

The VIDELIO - Events teams completely take in charge your project, from the feasability study through to preparation, installation and operation on the day of the event. Our expertise is at you service to ensure your event is covered with always the highest professional standards of workmanship.

Ideally suited for the following types of events : Live TV program production, Sports, Corporate, Entertainment.

Products used for the tunrkey solution

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