How to attract attention and animate a stage scene, a show floor, a product, during an event? 

VIDELIO - Events offers video projection solutions bringing to life static volumes and moving objects onto which you want to draw attention during events. A solution to dynamically enhance your events using projected video animation (2D or 3D). Constantly moving pictures are scaled to the appropriate size of the surface being illuminated: stage set, product, side of a wall, floor,…

The VIDELIO - Events  teams assist you at every stage of your mapping project:

  • Content creation
  • Media management : size scaling, media encoding
  • Sound systems
  • On site installation of the projection equipment : video projectors, media systems

An ideal solution with a difference to surprize and please your audience. The viewer experience is further enhanced by high quality sound and lighting effects. Thouroughly recommended for corporate events (product launches, conventions) and exhibitions.

Products used for the tunrkey solution