How to enhance and bring to life static architectural structures (buildings, monuments)?

VIDELIO - Events offers video projection solutions to give life to any type of building, whatever its size, height or surface complexity. Our solutions allow to project video animation content (2D or 3D) onto static surfaces and to create the illusion of movement by playing with the shapes and surface features of the building or monument and scaling the animation to fit each particular venue. READ MORE…

The VIDELIO - Events teams are recognized for their experience and can offer you a complete turnkey solution for your video mapping needs:

  • Content creation
  • Media management: size scaling, media encoding
  • Sound systems
  • On site installation of the projection equipment: video projectors, media systems.

A solution with a powerful emotional impact which will pleasantly surprize your audience. Can be used for all types of events : cultural, sports, corporate.

Products used for the tunrkey solution