France Télévisions uses VIDELIO - Cap'Ciné during the agricultural Show in Paris

Published on 04/03/2014

As an official partner of the Agricultural Show, France Télévisions set up an impressive array of facilities in the heart of the largest agricultural show in France, and maybe even the world. The most important moments were aired live thanks to a huge TV studio set and Web area that welcomed all France 3’s regional stations.

These regional TV stations were able to broadcast live their news programs, debates between politicians, exhibitors and visitors with duplex coverage, providing exceptional broadcasts and unprecedented programs.The Videlio-Cap’Ciné teams rolled out technical post-production workflow for the fourth consecutive year and enabled the France Télévisions teams to put together all the subjects on-site and so the regional teams were all able to have access to 8 high-performance editing rooms with centralized Avid Unity ISIS storage systems installed at the Agricultural Show.

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